Tolong jawab….. sy butuh hari ini., dan jgn di jawab asal asal y please

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Tolong jawab….. sy butuh hari ini.
dan jgn di jawab asal asal y please​



1. a. Mrs. Yustia drank a glass of juice every


b. Mr. Karma brought some of fruits in the


c. Valerie cried in the car that moment.

d. Who were you?

e. The students played piano in the hall.

2. a. My sister sat on a chair.

b. My brother ran that moment.

c. My sister read a book in the library.

d. My uncle went to the zoo.

e. My grandmother made meatball in the


3. Laura studied English in the classroom that


4. Meme discussed math in their friends.

5. Koko spoke English Fluently


Simple past adalah kejadian yang lampau dan sudah selesai dgn rumus/struktur S+V2+O

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