Monolog Inggris tentang terjadinya pelangi

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Monolog Inggris tentang terjadinya pelangi


How Does Rainbow Happen?

Rainbow often appears after the rain stops. Rainbow consists of a big bow spectrum and happens from water droplets which reflacted paralel because of the light of the sun. When the sun is shining and the light passing through water droplets, we can see a reflaction because of a wide variety of colors. The light passes and reflact like a light passing through a prism mirror.

Rainbow happen to begin when the sunlight passing through the raindrops. The light is deflected to the center of the droplets. The white light is separated from each other into a spectrum of colors. The colors that have been separated, then separate again into very small portions. There is more light separated from each other in the droplets. Finally those colors form a light curve called rainbow.

On the ground, we only see a maximum of a half circle rainbow. Because rainbow created involving distance with water droplets, the rainbow always move to follow the movement of anyone who seen it. It makes our distance with rainbow constant, in other word we could never approach the rainbow


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