How to Identify Suling, Gabbang, kubing and Seronggagandi as an instrument

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How to Identify Suling, Gabbang, kubing and Seronggagandi as an instrument​


A SULING or Seruling is an Indonesian bamboo ring flute. Originating from Sundanese music in West Java, Indonesia.1 It is popular in many other Southeast Asian countries including Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. It is used in gamelan ensembles.

GABBANG, also known as bamboo xylophone, is a musical instrument made of bamboo widely used in the southern Philippines. Among the Tausug and Sama, it is commonly played to accompany songs and dances as a solo instrument or accompanied by biola.

The KUBING is a type of Philippine jaw harp from bamboo found among the Maguindanaon and other Muslim and non-Muslim tribes in the Philippines and Indonesia. It is also called kobing, kolibau, aru-ding, aroding, kulaing, karombi, yori or Kulibaw.

SERONGGAGANDI is a musical instrument of the Maranaw ethnic group. It is a bamboo tube that is decorated. It is closed by a node at both ends. Two strings are lifted by bamboo sticks and are connected by a wooden platform. The bridge is located over a hole which makes the tube a resonator.


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